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Do facebook need more recommendation!

Written by Radical Geeks Technologies on Saturday, 24 December 2011

Today, every brand wants to venture more with the strategy and value they own. They want to share it with more people, sell it to more people, or even just engage more of their company in reading it and of course for more ROI. And, this is no short-term task. That said, no one person or company claims to know all of the answers in generating a proven path toward success and high-value brand equity. Everyone loves to hear what others are doing and innovate off of that. These all thoughts appear to be feasible and can be done easily through the most successful medium and their online presence on leading social media's like facebook,twitter,Linkedin.
Being a Business Analyst, more often I thought about the reason why facebook is so popular and viral today .Without any question facebook has done lots of hard work with proper execution of plans and strategy for catapulting it's image to be the biggest spot for social communication.The reason why I am writing is probably because I am also a Fan of facebook and want them to pay attention towards the performance marketing industry.

Here are a few recommendations I would like to mention :

1. Facebook needs to provide customer support for everyone for e.g Google still supports all size marketers. While Google doesn't necessarily love affiliate campaigns, it provides support for all size businesses. Google's learned that small businesses sometimes become big businesses and since it provides a suite of services for businesses, it wants to make everyone happy. Facebook needs to learn and follow some strategy and flexibility from Google's plan and provide everyone with support even if they are seen "only" as affiliates.
2. What matter is to improve quality what facebook receives and supply every day in terms of product and services. Facebook needs to integrate its sales team with its quality review team. If you are fortunate enough to have a contact within facebook, it often does little good. As it stands now, Facebook sales people have absolutely no idea why their clients are having issues getting products approved on facebook. The advice that the sales team gives clients sometimes has no basis in reality of how the quality review team acts.
3. Idea is what facebook can suppose to make an effort to deliver; simple Listen to clients. facebook has a serious issue thinking that it rules the world because it's the biggest name in the world of Internet market right now. If we've learned anything about the Internet, it's that companies' fortunes can change overnight. Remember MySpace? Facebook is trying so hard to have its own way of doing business that it's ignoring pretty much anyone else's opinions on how to run its revenue generation.
4. Facebook should create a consumer panel. In our overly world of social media, consumers like to feel like they are making the decisions. They want to help.Reach out to them and ask for advice, testing support, and help. If you have a consumer brand, you will be shocked to see how asking for help will lead to new business deals