At Radical Geeks Technologies we provide the Email Marketing services which are considered as one of the effective way to attract potential customers by keeping touch with existing ones and minimizing operating cost. Our Email Marketing campaign accessorized with the features like creating relevant data base for your target market by internet search, writing effective mail message to increase response rate & above all sending mails at one-to-one bases not in bulk mail style. We also manage the complete data base of the companies to whom we mail and also handle Email marketing campaign at a stipulated time, and have a better control over your email marketing campaign strategies. Radical geeks Technologies are dedicated to provide you the excellent service in E-mail marketing.
E-mail marketing indirectly affects trade and most important sales with profit graph. In the true sense, your business merchandise needs to maintain its authenticity, brand awareness and loyalty for the customer. Now a days bulk email marketing and mass mailings are the most cost effective ways to achieve your goals and increase sales to the optimum level. Bulk email in terms of market broadcasting helps and takes the business worldwide and makes the brand known to the masses in the record time.

Email marketing services includes :

  • Newsletter Archive.
  • Auto responder Emails.
  • Reporting System.
  • Mail Merge.
  • Purchase Email IDs.
  • Template Design.

Some benefits using Email Marketing :

  • Increase customer communication.
  • Get professional appearance.
  • Spread your business through referrals.
  • Information about who opens, clicks, and forwards.
  • Minimize your marketing costs.
  • Watch results immediately.
  • Get your customers directly.
  • Optimize your message with Social Media.

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