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Today when we talk about Social media the name Facebook clicks to our mind which is supposed to be the world's largest social networking platform with over 500 million users and offers a superb way of advertising and branding your products or services irrespective of the field you belongs to. We use Facebook application as part of your marketing campaign which is more beneficial and long-standing and bring the exponential growth to the market and is supposed to be more lucrative than traditional offline advertising campaign. We can't ignore the presence of Social media especially Facebook for the ever growing social promotional platform which has the ability to catapult your brand and carve an edge over other competitors. The way it's done is quite professional and the concept & its implementation should be well thought through, Our Social media professionals are very well versed with it.
At RADICAL GEEKS Technologies, our experts take the responsible to develop Facebook applications and develop viral, engaging, customized Facebook applications. Not only Facebook applications establish your brand but also put you on a strong engagement led medium; which led to brings the delivery of web traffic exponentially to your site & ultimately increase substantiatial opportunities world wide.

RADICAL GEEKS Technologies offers the following genre of Facebook applications :

  • Facebook Game Applications
  • Social Games
  • Role Playing Games (RPG)
  • Strategy /Action Shooting
  • Tycoons
  • Fantasy
  • Multiplayer
  • Sports
  • Quizzes & Trivia
  • Gifting
  • Brand Awareness
  • Reminders
  • Just for fun
  • Utilities
  • Trends & Fashions
  • Applications add-ons
  • Social Campaigns & Causes
  • Fund-raising
  • Avatar Building
  • Galleries

We develop applications for Facebook that are :

  • Viral and Engaging stuffs
  • Attractive and User Friendly
  • Aim to capture your target market
  • Application Management and Marketing accessorized with Tracking technologies
  • Probe for Brand Marketing and Promotional Advertisements
  • Indexed to Facebook Application Directories and many more.

RADICAL GEEKS Technologies takes opportunity for pride in its work :
Get Facebook Fan Pages of your choice developed and designed by RADICAL GEEKS Technologies to Connect directly with your unique audience and communicate freely your brand promotional message for improving your brand perception.

Facebook Connect Integration :
Today this is anwel for the discussion, Is that if your website taking advantage of the opportunities of Facebook ? RADICAL GEEKS Technologies offers Facebook Connect Integration to websites. Get connected and increase your web traffic to accelerate the momentum and enhance your client reach and increase possibilities of good revenue.

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