Magento is the open-source Ecommerce platform which brings a magnificent revolution in the e-commerce web industry.Magento is built on top of Zend framework. Since Zend is pure MVC framework so is Magneto's architecture MVC based.Magneto's modular architecture puts the control back in the hands of the online merchant and places no constraints on business processes and flow. Magento is a new and powerful eCommerce system offering rich customization possibilities by extensions and modules. Magento is built on a fully modular model that influences an unlimited scalability and flexibility for your store. There are many things custom Modules can do, from editing your Database, to handling module upgrades to overriding classes (Blocks, Controllers, Models)

Magento is affordable as it is an open source. Magento has cabable features of rich eCommerce solution that offering complete flexibility and control over the tools, content, and functionality of your Online Store.Most of the shopping cart don't fulfill all the shopping cart usabillity and fulfill your business needs up to optimum level but Magento can do it nicely.

Our Magento eCommerce Services Include:
  • eCommerce Design & Development
  • Themes Design and customization
  • Customized Magento Themes Design & Integration
  • Website Development / Online Store Development using Magento
  • Magento Themes Development based on existing design
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization for Online Store using Magento
  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Buttons, Widgets and Special Effects
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • magento Shipping Methods
  • magento CMS pages

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