It is always a threat for any organization, if the name happens to be popular in the negative way. Your competitors or clients may have posted negative stuffs about you and your company.
Our Search Engine Reputation Management services or SERM assist you for the betterment of your online image during difficult times. We use the most trusted techniques that we follow for our regular on-page and off-page SEO services, it results in increase the Google, Yahoo and MSN rankings for good press about the company and keep away any unfavorable websites that may be causing harm to your business.
So , when people search for your company, the appearance you want them to see will show up gradually at the top of the search engine rankings, while those that you don't want them to be hidden will appear in later pages.
The major Search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN use complex algorithms to decide how web sites are ranked. We always do the needful task in order to stay on top of those constantly-changing for the purpose of getting over on false or negative sites with the truthful or positive sites about you or your company.
We here at Radical geek technologies always take care of their client's name and brand by applying the technique of SERM. Online search engine reputation management SERM includes monitoring the brands, company, product and services. For sure a better content posting is required for drawing the attention of key persons. If negative comments are posted by anyone then we reply with the extra stuffed features and force them to follow you.

Our SERM Professionals do :

  • Initial R&D on the basic problem.
  • Develop and formulate a plan.
  • More positive for your company on the net.
  • By the right to convince the search engines that the positive sites are more genuine than the negative sites.
  • Closer monitoring of the issue and spreading of the initial top 30 search engine results.

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